Engedi Solutions works with companies that have great market ready products or services. We believe that bringing innovative products and technology to market improves the quality of life for everyone.

We help a select set of companies in the development stage to understand the markets they intend to enter and how best to position themselves and their products. Those companies that are developing services or products to create tomorrows new businesses are of particular interest.

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Engedi invests its resources in time, people and money working with innovators to develop and produce the most marketable products or services possible. We work with technology companies and their customers to ensure new products and services meet their promise.

Engedi Solutions delivers products to end users through direct sales, license agreements with leading vendors, or through partners who deliver our solutions to customers through existing commercial contracts or government contract vehicles. At Engedi Solutions we understand our clients needs as they endeavor to meet the challenges of operating and competing in demanding markets. We work to ensure new technology achieves its potential for end users.

Our strong contacts and relationships enable us to bring the best solutions forward. Engedi is a Veteran Owned Small Business.

Contact us to see what we have to meet your needs.