Engedi Solutions supports companies that provide construction and engineering services.  Residential, commercial or light industrial projects and US Government FAR based construction projects are our focus.

We help companies and their management address organizational and process issues for better performance during project execution. Construction projects are complex and involve numerous people, skill sets, planning and control systems, and processes for quality control, safety compliance, and close-out documentation. Many companies are strong in most areas but benefit from assistance or expert review to improve areas that are not as strong as they need to be. We provide that assistance or review on a select basis.

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Engedi invests its resources in time, people and money working with company leadership and management to develop and implement processes that deliver better bottom-line results. We also work with technology companies and their customers to ensure new products and services meet their promise. There is a constant influx of innovative technology that can improve performance and cut costs.

At Engedi Solutions we understand our clients needs as they endeavor to meet the challenges of operating and competing in demanding markets. We assist leadership and management to ensure the fundamentals of sound practice and processes are in place to deliver project success for all parties. We work to ensure new technology achieves its potential for end users.

Our strong contacts, experience and relationships enable us to bring the best solutions forward. Engedi is a Veteran Owned Small Business.

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